Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bike Week, Night 1.

First Saturday of bike week has been rainy and windy which sucks but by Monday the weather is gonna be fantastic. We put our tent up and our disco floor down,ran for cover and Bloody Marys at Martinis outside pavilion. Pretty relaxing listening to it rain. My usual crew of guys: Mike, Chris, Justin, and Scott met up with Bobby Bordeaux and Midnight Mike. This was my first time meeting Midnight and he was super nice and we exchanged stickers but all I got from Bobby was a couple punches in the arm.
Slightly drunk and disorderly we took Ocean Buffet by storm and they hid us in the back room with the other dirty bikers. I never thought a buffet would be so pretentious. Chris made Justin  eat some octopus but he failed and his new nickname is octopussy wussy! Currently it's 11:20 and we are back at the garage putting Chomp's motorcycle together. So sleepy and no rest in sight........

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