Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tar Ball 2011-Friday

Friday morning was a little rough after sleeping on the floor at Hotel Benji but we pulled it together after we made it to Cafe 27 for Bloody Marys, Screw Drivers, and whiskey.  The ride through the everglades was pretty awesome with lots of beautiful landscape dotted with indian reservations and air boat ride tours. Our destination was the Skunk Ape Research center to camp and party for night but someone forgot to mention how freakin cold it was gonna be by 3a.m. We struggled slightly to get the fire going in the beginning but it lasted all night til the morning so we did something right.  While on a mission for fire wood I came across a very cool animal skull in the swamps and someone tried to steal it the morning but I got it back but it ended up Naples when the trip was all said in done :(  While the party was just getting started Casey and I set up a small business called Picnic Table Tattoos and provided a few lucky campers with some awesome new faux ink. The party started getting rowdy by the time the Gladezmen started to play and thats about the time that Red Line Buchanan aka Sletchy aka Justin RFK got naked and danced around the  campfire.  There was so much whiskey and beer drinking that everyone surely had a good time and at least once person puked all over themselves and their tent! Thank goodness no one got raped by a skunk ape and thank goodness Chris and Justin brought their two person tent that ended up sleeping five :) 
Stole some pics from Casey & Downey. Thanks

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