Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chopper Time Oct 13th

Willies is sad to announce that this will be his last Biketoberfest Old School Chopper Show :( This bums me out too but at least we still have his show during Bike Week to look forward to. The October show holds special memories for the man and I because two years ago the panhead won Best in Show and it was one of the best days ever for us to be given such an amazing acknowledgement at the coolest bike show in the world.  This year Willie offered us a one up to winning, he suggested that Mike make a trophy and judge his own category. Of course we said Hell Yeah and immediately started thinking about a neato idea for the trophy, which Mike and I finally came to an agreement on this morning while driving to work. Let me tell you it is gonna be the coolest trophy ever and some lucky sonofabitch is gonna be psyched to win it.  


  1. that is a fitting name, that bums me out too, Willie's is the best part of the Daytona trip!!