Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We Survived The Dixie RoundUp

This creepy spider hitched a ride from AL

Taking a break
My road crew
Being dangerous with Ferguson

Even though my ass still hurts from the 650 miles of traveling in 2 days not to mention a gay ass sunburn on my forearms that looks like I am wearing gauntlets. The ride from Pensacola, FL to Montgomery, AL with Marty and Alvarez was so beautiful. I've never seen this part of the good ole USA I would like to call it bible country cause I seen more than one sign on the side of the road warning me to go to church or risk the devil snatching me. I'm pretty sure the devil has already got me though lol. We stopped in Montgomery to meet up with Steve @ MT Customs. I met Brother John there, a crazy old biker, who proclaimed he was going home to eat a steak dinner then fuck his ol' lady's new titties!!!! From there we cruised on up to Garage Co. where we seemed to be fashionably late and the only sober ones but I fixed that quickly with some beer and green "tobacco". It was blazing hot outside and I was in heaven cause I love dirty, sweaty boys but the crowd was starting to get restless and no one could seem to find Larry to get the awards started. No one seemed to care once Marty started throwing out all the free stuff that Vans supplied(ie: shirts, hats, sunglasses, ties, a shit ton of stickers) it was fantastic!! The award ceremony was fun and it was hilarious watching them push the winners down the ramp with their arms full of prizes . Next up was a short trip to Birmingham to get our party on but we were smart and rented a comfy hotel room that I ended up sharing with 4 guys. By the time we arrived to Matthews Bar the Haints and Pat were already breaking tables, chairs, and bottles. The dance floor was covered in beer and glass but that didn't stop them from moshing and stage diving. I'm not for sure how we all didn't get kicked out that place but it was a blast. The last thing I remember from the night was jumping up and down on Marty's bed in the hotel room telling him to wake up and party with me but he didn't :( He lost a few cool points but only a few.

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